ponedjeljak, 22. listopada 2018.

Modern grandma

 What I wore:

Denim Jacket - Vintage
Beanie - Zara
Sunglasses - Pull & Bear
Dress - Zara
Pullover - Pull & Bear
Boots - Dr. Martens 


petak, 22. lipnja 2018.

Zaful 2018 Summer Wishlist

Zaful hit me up again to write you my wishlist for this summer. They have literally the cutest clothes for the cheapest. They are having a fourth anniversary and everything is almost on sale. You should go and check it out!

Swimsuits all under $9.99 = click here

So here are some items I got hooked on:

Striped twist knitted tee


Button up off shoulder dress


 Bandeau Top and high waisted slip bikini bottom

Bowtie Off Shoulder Smocked Romper

Floral Cami Crop Top with Shorts Set

Promo codes:

Use code " ZFSally " All orders use the code ,  over $100 save $12 
Use code" ZFSally " All orders use the code  , over $50  save $ 6    
Use code" ZFSally " All orders use the code  , over $25  save  $ 3
Each customer can use it only for one time!

utorak, 22. svibnja 2018.

I shoot film

Photos from trip to Zagreb // May, 2018 

Camera info:
Chinon CM-3, 35mm lens. Kodak 200 film

utorak, 31. listopada 2017.

Black on black

What I wore:

Sunglasses // Pull&Bear
Coat // Pull&Bear
Turtleneck // Zara
Milk bag & Brooch // Ebay


ponedjeljak, 18. rujna 2017.


// As the autumn arrives clothes start to have more fun dimension. You give yourself premision to play with it more, layer it without getting too hot. Here's my the most comfortable outfit you can wear anywhere and anytime!

(Scroll down for the info)

 What I wore :

Jumper -H&M
Trousers - Pull&Bear
Heart bag - Terranova
Sneakers - Nike Air force


ponedjeljak, 31. srpnja 2017.

Summer Walks

Hi everyone!!

Last time I posted a proper look was way back in winterish/spring time when I was actually able to live a normal life in normal air and weather condition. If you can tell I barely post anything on summer because I'm not a huge fan of it. I love layering my clothes and being able to create something out of many pieces plus I really don't like showing off my skin that much, but that doesn't mean that I can't find time and place to post something sometimes in summer time, right? Here's a little summer walk I had the other day when it wasn't that much boiling hot. Hope you like it!

What I wore :

Sunglasses/Pull&Bear (my fav. sunglasses I own!)
Tote Bag/Ovemery artwork (here's the instagram page ---> chrisovemery)
Denim Jacket/Vintage
Black Trousers/Bershka (these pants are life saviour for summer time)
Sneakers/Vans (obsessed with them!)