utorak, 30. lipnja 2015.

Icy black

Sunglasses // New Yorker
Hair clips // Ebay
Shirt // Levis
Top // Tally Weijl
Skirt // Secondhand
Bag // New Yorker
Sneakers // Vans

petak, 26. lipnja 2015.

My every day favorite make-up products

It is important for every girl who wears make-up to have favorite products in which she feels comfortable. Here are some of my all time favorite make-up products :

So the most important for me is a good face creme and a good foundation. I use hydra beauty gel creme by Chanel or Nivea. I 'stole' this Chanel creme from my mother because it smells ridiculously good, but I use Nivea creme since forever. The foundation is from Maybelline (AFFINIMAT/ light sand beige)  and I'm absolutely loving it. It is so hard for me to find a good foundation since I'm pale but this one is awesome. It is not too much oily and it gives my skin a mat look.

After foundation goes good eyebrow and eyes care. For my eyebrows I use Alverde creme eyeliner in warm maroon and I'm loving it! I really love this product and my eyebrows always look pretty and smooth. My lash mascara is from Essence (Lash princess) and blush (Viva Brasil) in Sao Paolo.

I also use this Essence blush as my eyeshadow because I love this pinky/red color on my eyes.

And the most favorite product ever is this NYX soft matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi. I also own Transylvania.

I hope you like it!

Till the next reading,

četvrtak, 25. lipnja 2015.

Magic spells// outfit

Hat // Stradivarius
Dress // Bershka
Backpack // New Yorker
Creepers // Public Desire

By the way I made a lookbook, so take a look : http://lookbook.nu/minonimia


srijeda, 24. lipnja 2015.

ponedjeljak, 22. lipnja 2015.

Magic Spells // Photoshoot

As I said in the last post, I had shooting yesterday and I decided to show you some of the pictures in this post.

I decided to call this shoot ''Magic Spells'' because I am looking quite like a witch haha, witch in nature. Also I took the idea for the name of the post from Crystal Castles, my favorite witch house, synthpunk/pop electronic band. Photos look very magical and I really like how they turned out. This is my favorite shooting so far. I haven't got all photos but no worries I'll show you the rest of them later.

Hands down and all thanks to Asgard photography , he did a really good job, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. You can check out his work and like his page on Facebook by clicking this link - ASGARD PHOTOGRAPHY.

Till the next reading,

nedjelja, 21. lipnja 2015.

Quick update

So today I am having a photoshooting with my lovely friend Meho and you can check his work over here - Asgard photography. I already worked with him, here's one of the photos down below.

I'll post photos from the shoot tomorrow and by the way that's my cat Charlie up above. 

Talk to you later,

subota, 20. lipnja 2015.

Beginnings are the hardest

First of all hello everyone and welcome to my personal blog. I've wanted to start one for a really long time but I guess I wasn't that serious about this thing before. Anyway I'm Mia and I come from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and I just finished high school. I'm a huge cat lover and probably you'll be able to see my cat Charlie here. I love fashion and I'm obsessed with good food, mostly the Italian - pasta and stuff. I plan to study journalism and do stuff with my camera also. I won't waffle anymore haha, I hope someone will start reading this and that I'll get better in this blogging world. Wish me luck.