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Music I listen lately

I am also known as music addict! I can't go anywhere or do anything without my earphones. I love discovering new music and sharing it with people but lot of people are not into music I like so I can barely relate to someones music taste. I'm into indie so much (pop, rock, folk indie), I also like synth pop/rock, witch house, funk rock... Anyway, I decided to make a post about music I listen to lately, bands and some new artists!

First I'll go with Foals. I think I started listening to them in 2012/2013 and I fell i love with their music. I really love how they make everything so perfect and dreamy and their music really calms me down. If you're a fan of indie music you should give them a listen because I know they'll blow your mind. 

Here's my favorite song 'Spanish Sahara'! I love their videos, It's all perfect. It is really enjoyable listening to them.


Warpaint! Pussy power and a lot of good sound. I don't know why I found out this late for them, they're killing it. They first got me with the fact that they're all girls and their live performances are marvelous! 

Here's 'Keep it Healthy'. A-mazing!


Let's move ooon from rock to indie pop! Melanie Martinez is the most prettiest Crybaby alive! I can relate to almost her every song. I am so happy that she made something after The Voice and that her music is heard! I first heard her cover of 'Toxic' on audition for Voice, haha funny thing - my friend posted it on my Facebook wall and left a comment  : ' Hey look you two look alike' . I really liked it and since she posted her first song and video 'Dollhouse' I became a huge fan of her! Her new album is everything and I like the whole concept of the story! I have to say that is the prettiest compliment ever when someone thinks we look alike!

I pretty much like every song from her album, but here's 'Cake'!


AURORA is simply amazing. Her voice and electropop vibes chill me out. I really hope so, she gets more known in future, because her music needs to be heard, magical and so intense!

Here's 'Running with The Wolves' , also she has amazing videos!


And last but not least Halsey who infected every teenager on this planet! She looks badass and sings incredible! Everyone can relate to her lyrics when it comes to something about (broken) love life.

'Gasoline' , enjoy!

I hope someone can relate to my music taste, these are not the only bands/artists I listen to, but I had to show you few of them which I listen all the time lately! I hope you liked this, comment down below if you listen something what I mentioned and also suggest me something new!


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