srijeda, 17. kolovoza 2016.

Summer adventures

What I wore:

Tote bag/Terranova
Sunnies/New Yorker


četvrtak, 7. travnja 2016.

Psychedelic Division

What I wore:

Denim jacket - Vintage
Shirt - Poler
Jeans - Zara
Backpack - Pull & Bear
Sneakers - Vans
Sunglasses - New Yorker

ponedjeljak, 18. siječnja 2016.

Shoes of 2015

Hello everyone!
I've decided to make a post about my best of 2015 shoes. Maybe I'm a little bit late but oh well gonna post it anyway. All of these I've worn so much in 2015 (as you can see, some of them are damaged a lil' bit). I'll leave link under every photo where you can get them, if they are still available to buy of course. 

1. Vans sneakers

I don't know if these are available to buy, but I suggest checking VANS page, maybe they have similar ones. Super comfortable as always, need new pair as soon as possible!

2. Kitty shoes

These one I have worn at least. I adore everything about them, they're so cute, but I don't know why I don't wear this more... Maybe they'll have a reunion with my feet this year. I've bought them in New Yorker and they're not available anymore but you should check E-bay, I bet they have them!

3. Creepers

My beloved creepers! I've worn them the most last year, as you can see (haha so damaged). I've had a little problem with the size. I'm usually 39 EU and this time I ordered from England size 6, which are not too big but they are if I'm not wearing super thick socks. So I suggest everyone who is ordering from UK and wearing size 39 EU, to order 5.5 or 5 (38 EU) instead. I've got these beauties form Public Desire and unfortunately they're not selling creepers anymore :(, but try finding sellers on E-bay from UK.

4. Dr. Martens  

Ahh yes! Best boots ever made. Super quality, keeping my legs warm and protected from water. I have had a little problem with them because I have really sensitive feet, but I recommend wearing them often so your feet get used to them (also thicker socks are helping much!). You can buy them in your local Dr. Martens shop or order them HERE.

5. Killer shoes

I don't know why but I am calling these one 'Killer shoes'. I love how they look and they're super comfortable. I've got them from Bershka and I guess they're not selling them anymore. But I found similar to these one on their page - HERE  

6. Bordeaux Brogues 

I love these! They're good for rainy weather. Got them from Pull & Bear. They made some updates on these shoes (they're not the same as mine but super similar) and you can check it HERE.

Till the next post
with love,