ponedjeljak, 31. srpnja 2017.

Summer Walks

Hi everyone!!

Last time I posted a proper look was way back in winterish/spring time when I was actually able to live a normal life in normal air and weather condition. If you can tell I barely post anything on summer because I'm not a huge fan of it. I love layering my clothes and being able to create something out of many pieces plus I really don't like showing off my skin that much, but that doesn't mean that I can't find time and place to post something sometimes in summer time, right? Here's a little summer walk I had the other day when it wasn't that much boiling hot. Hope you like it!

What I wore :

Sunglasses/Pull&Bear (my fav. sunglasses I own!)
Tote Bag/Ovemery artwork (here's the instagram page ---> chrisovemery)
Denim Jacket/Vintage
Black Trousers/Bershka (these pants are life saviour for summer time)
Sneakers/Vans (obsessed with them!)


petak, 21. srpnja 2017.

ZAFUL 2017 Summer Wishlist

Summer is that time of the year you get yourself some cute comfortable pieces of clothes. ZAFUL has plenty of the choices from crop tops and famous off the shoulder tops to super pretty rompers. You can also find yourself a bikini which are on super sale deal! Everything is up to 90% on sale so hurry up to pick up your new summer outfit.


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1. Burgundy long dress


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Here is my little summer wishlist 

1. Checked Overlay Tube Romper


Checked Overlay Tupe Romper

  // I immediately fell in love with this romper. It's perfect for this summerish weather and I just love everything what is plaid! Off the soulder thing is giving cute vintage effect and to be honest this looks super comfortable for everyday wear.

2. Oval Retro Anti UV Windbreak Sunglasses



Oval Retro Anti UV Windbreak Sunglasses //

These Kurt Cobain inspired vintage pink sunglasses are must this summer! I've wanted them for the long time and finally found them. You can literally wear these kind of sunglasses with everything and I as a sunglasses freak had to share this on my wishlist. They're perfectly matching with the plaid romper I mentioned before! Get your hands on it before is gone!

Hope you like my little Zaful summer wishlist. What is your summer Zaful wishlist?


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